Well, it has been a little over a year since I last updated this blog.  When last we met, Nathan was in need of medication…..and here’s the update:

We started Nathan on a course of Concerta (18mg) which was a miracle drug for him.  Suddenly he could concentrate, learn, grow and made huge gains in the last quarter of 2nd grade.  He stayed on that level for a year, growing at every appointment, making good progress.  We noticed in the winter that he didn’t seem to be doing as well on 18mg so we asked for an increase to 27mg in the spring.  Again, a nice increase in his ability to function, grow and learn.  I even kept back an 18mg dose, just to see, and it was a nightmare.  We could tell instantly that he needs the 27mg.

It has become obvious to me that Concerta was the missing piece for his puzzle right now.  Without it, he is constantly eating (and not healthfully), has no control of his emotions and is generally frazzled all day.  With it, he can function at an age-appropriate level and even after it wears off (around 7:00 p.m.) he is able to keep himself “put together”.  Nathan has expressed that he needs his medication because otherwise “my brain feels all fuzzy”.  That is a big step for him.

We’re entering the land of Middle School this year – Grade Four.  Yikes. What happened to my baby?  He has been replaced by a kid with a huge appetite, a giant grin and lots of attitude.  I wouldn’t change a single minute!


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