Though it is getting easier, I still consider Spelling homework to be one of the worst forms of parent-torture ever invented. Why is it that 15 words, most of which are less than 6 characters long, elicit such drama and trauma in my life?

Torture? Surely I jest you say. Oh no my friends. If you haven’t had the blessing of spelling homework yet, I say, “Just You Wait”. (Done in my very best Eliza Doolittle voice too)

There is no describing the joy of repeating each spelling word a minimum of 4 times, reminding the child to at least try the word another 16 times, standing over top the child and pleading with the child to just-try-the-word-already….all the while attempting to not lose your cool.

And, dare help you if you have a spectrum kid who knows all the “rules” surrounding spelling homework.  Take a peek at the list in my house:

1. You cannot use the word in a sentence. Period. I am totally serious here. The use of the spelling word in a sentence may cause said child to have a meltdown.

2. You must repeat each word a minimum of 4 times, each time essentially sounding out the word, where appropriate. And even when it isn’t, like with “the”, you should make an effort.

3. Capitalization, particularly mid-way through the word is acceptable. For example spelling “castle” as caSTle is correct. The point is to get the letters right. Duh Mom.

4. No matter how many spelling words there are to practice, 5 is the maximum number per night. No sneaking in #6 or (god forbid) trying to do all 15. When we hit 5, we’re d-o-n-e

And then, after all that joy and shouting, we finish the homework and move on to Reading time. And that my dear readers is a whole different post. Feel free to cue the theme from “Jaws” in your head.

It gets worse.

It seems that spelling homework *actually* produces results. No kidding. I have real scientific evidence. The weeks we battle through the homework, he gets at least 13/15. If we take on spelling no-holds barred, winner take all style – he gets 100%.

And this my friends is why I obey the rules and commandments. I am certain that Hell is a 24/7 session of spelling homework.


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