Is it Time?

I keep thinking about blogging again.  Really.   It seems like I blog to get the pain out & I’m feeling it again these days.

Nathan is 2nd grade now.  He reads at an age-appropriate level, though not as well as some of his peers.  He spells well, but his handwritting really holds him back.  He has friends, but doesn’t “get” sports. 

He’s been a tough kid to live with these past few months.  Tantrums, anger, hitting, back-talking….nothing I can’t handle and yet, awful all the same. 

Neil wants to try medicating his ADHD.  I am undecided.  I hate the idea of putting my baby on medication, but yet he isn’t making the gains he needs to either.  We’ve been doing the GFCF diet, supplements and therapy up until now.  It truly changed his life. 

But now, I wonder.  Does he need another life changing moment?  Does he need to try “western” medicine?  Or, is it a phase?  Will he get better or worse?

I’ve asked his teachers for their opinion & our next IEP is coming up at the end of the month.  My cousin, who finally had his ADD dx as an adult, insists we need to try it.  His words    “I finally didn’t feel like a failure all the time”

That’s a pretty powerful opinion.  Have you got one? What has your experience been with ADHD meds?


2 thoughts on “Is it Time?

  1. I don’t know if our meds are specifically ADHD meds, but our boys are so much less hyper and anxious with medication. And they sleep! It was so hard to get them to settle down for sleep before. That is pretty powerful, what your cousin said. It’s interesting to wonder what your son would say about how he felt on medication. But I’m a big fan of “western” meds, I think they have helped my boys live as close to normal as they can get, at this development stage.

  2. Oh, this is where I dread the kids getting older. I’m with you, that I can’t stand the thought of the meds in my children. Yes, I also wish the kids could tell us what your cousin was able to identify. I know one day I’m gonna have to decide what’s best for my child (and not for me). Ian is on clonodine and a low dose. It’s pretty mild compared to other drugs. My big thing is that I don’t want his personality hindered in any way. That’s what I hear about some of the other drugs. But it is a decision we in the ‘not so perfect world’ have to decide, and eventually I’m sure it will reality for us. I have to admit though, that we don’t ask or take drug opinions from the school system. I can say this because my husband is a teacher. 🙂

    It’s soooo good to have you back on blog. I hope you are able to try to keep thinking about all the great strides and moments. The tough ones can really bog us down and make us want to disappear. I wouldn’t miss those good ones for anything!

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