Still My Baby

Nathan is such a cuddly sort these days.  Actually, he’s a bit of a cling-on.  Hanging on me, hugging, rubbing, snuggling….it’s almost creeping me out.

See, I don’t mind at home, but in public, having your 7 years old hang off your waist, is not so cool.  I hate to discourage him, but I wonder at what age is it that PDAs with your mother are not okay.

The thing is, I thought he’d be long past wanting to be “with” me now.  Long past wanting public hugs and kisses.  Long past wanting to hold my hand.  But he doesn’t.  He wants to hang out, he wants the reassurance of my touch, he still wants to be my baby.

But, don’t call him a baby.  He’s MUCH to big for that.


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