Ups and Downs

Nathan has a summer tutor again, though he’s only managed to see her 2x so far.  Trust me, it’s not my fault.

He was supposed to go again yesterday, but as it turns out, she cancelled all her kids.  Except mine.  Who was sitting, quietly, anxiously waiting for her to show up in my office.

After waiting a half hour, I phoned her cell… her credit I think she did feel pretty bad.  But, that was nothing compared to the crushing disappointment Nathan suffered.

His big eyes welled up, he climbed into my lap and buried his head in my chest.  He didn’t whine or cry or say a word, just tried to be a big, brave boy.  It nearly broke my heart.

The worst part for him was that a swim was on the agenda for the day.  So, I promised him a trip to the pool after work.  We got home to see the combine in the field for the first time but he still wanted to go swimming.  But, the pull of that big yellow New Holland was pretty strong, so we did a shorter swim & he got a ride with Dad later in the evening.

I can’t believe how much he’s grown emotionally over the year.  I guess he really isn’t a baby anymore.


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