Hey, Mom?…..

You have to know that any conversation that starts with Hey, Mom…………is going to be an interesting one.  It could be deeply revealing, like:

Hey Mom, did you know that I think you are awesome? 

or a little nasty like

Hey Mom, can you get me a kleenex?

or worse,

Hey Mom, come look at this….oh and bring a kleenex…..

Or, as I hear in my office, the teenagers breezing in with

Hey Mom, can I have: 5 bucks, the car keys, permission to sleep at Joe’s….

But you know what?  This ”Hey Mom’ loves this phrase the best:

Hey Mom, can I have just one more hug?

One thought on “Hey, Mom?…..

  1. Great entry. Besides the hug one, I particularly like the ‘hey look at this.’ I wish mine would say that, instead of me finding it somewhere on the arm that wiped it!

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