Summer is Here!

Summer is here (Finally!) and with it comes the dreaded summer vacation.

Ok, the kids love it, but yikes.  Who’s babysitting, who’s on holiday, where are the kids going to be…..I like the structure and routine of the school year.  Hmmm, maybe a little spectrum myself?!?

We took the boys to a local area pool yesterday. What a joy!  Nathan still refuses to float on his back but is pretty close to swimming on his own.  He spent as much time with his head under water as on top of it!  He does a front crawl(ish) but when he runs out of air, he can stand up to breathe.  Well, it’ll come! Neither boy quite got their SwimKids 1 badge, Eric was close but won’t do front floats.  Next time.

They both passed their grades without trouble.  Nathan is reading at or near grade level but really struggling with math.  Addition is coming, subtraction is beyond him right now.  Eric is right at grade level and learning everyday. Nathan needs to keep practicing his skills & Eric demands to have Learning Time too.  So, I’m sorry Ms.W, but he’ll be coming to grade 1 a little over-prepared.  What can you do?


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