Swimming Lessons

We’ve been doing swimming lessons every Tuesday now for 8 weeks.  What fun!  The boys love the water but are not very confident without life jackets.  Eric is managing to do a front swim, starfish and back swim.

Nathan?  Well, he’s stiff as a board.  Terrified if you let go.  Arms flailing, legs kicking, panicked face.

But he loves the water.  Go figure.  There’s no way he’s going to pass Swim Kids 1.  He needs another 10 weeks just to get comfortable, I’m sure.   So, while you might guess it is wasted money, I disagree.  I wanted to get him a ‘first try’ at the level before summer lessons.  I knew going in there was little chance of him getting his badge.  We’re there to learn, not to earn “no stinkin’ badges”

We went public swimming last night which was awesome…..until they cleared the pool for vomit.  Lovely. 

We were getting out in 5 minutes anyhow but ewwwwwww………………..


4 thoughts on “Swimming Lessons

  1. I haven’t even been brave enough to try swim lessons with the boys. We go to grandma’s pool, and they use arm floaties. I’m hoping I can teach them….hmmmm, we’ll see. I’m gonna work on Avery first. Took her for swim lessons last year and she clung to me the whole time cause of the the strangers. She’s a lot braver in the pool this year though. She’ll even jump in on her own….with arm floaties of course.

    Let us know how they turn out over the summer!

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  4. I need to enroll my kids in swim lessons, but just haven’t gotten around to it. I like your attitude, though. Sometimes it takes a kid a bit longer to get comfortable. And you know? That’s ok!

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