Lost & Found

Yesterday I stumbled on a miracle.

You see, I have a sister I have never met.  She lives in another country & my father and her mother divorced before I was born.  We were unable to visit her for political reasons, not because we didn’t want to.  My Dad always told me we’d bring her to see us when she was an adult and could choose for herself.

Growing up, I always knew I had a half-sister.  I knew she lived with her grandmother and that she didn’t write very often.  We had a postal strike and the letters stopped coming.

Then, we got a phone call.  The caller demanded to know why Dad hadn’t responded to the invitation to his daughter’s wedding.  And, didn’t he know how much that hurt her?  Poor Dad.  He had no idea.   The invitation had never arrived & now his baby was married……..and pregnant.

I was 9 when my niece was born.  I felt very grown-up.  After all, no one else I knew had a niece yet!  Didn’t matter to me that we’d never met, I was someone’s Auntie.  The next surprise was when my nephew was born, on my brother’s birthday!  And, finally she surprised us with another boy, many years later.

Contact with my sister & her family was pretty sporadic over the years. Mostly her husband would write & never often enough for me!  Suddenly, the letters stopped coming about 8 or 9 years ago.  We thought maybe we did something wrong.

I’ve been on Facebook for a long time now & I have spent many hours trying to find any of my family there, through Google, yellow pages and etc.  I always hoped that it would happen.

And yesterday, I found my gorgeous niece & her handsome brother.  And, guess what?  I’m a Great-Auntie.  My niece has a 5 year old son & my nephew, an 18 month old daughter.  I was a great-aunt at 27.  If you think that sounds funny, my Dad was a Great-Grandpa at 55.

Dad & my Mom were so excited.  We all cried.  My niece says her Mom cried too.  It feels like a miracle.


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