Not Better, Not Worse

The darned pneumonia just won’t go away. I still feel dragged out today, yet here I am at work. Might as well do something productive at the computer as opposed to surfing e-bay.

But, enough about me.

Let me tell you about my Nathan. He is jumping on one foot! This is a BIG deal, he’s only jumping an inch or two off the ground on 2 feet and has never had the coordination to jump on one!

He is reading “B” books. His teacher says grade 1 students read between a B-I book level. He started at (struggling through) A level, but after 2 months has moved on to B. The difference is more words and more words per page, as I can tell. They are still basically dealing with sight words, but are more interesting. His teacher’s goal is to get to I books at H comprehension by year-end. At 2 months per level, this could be a stretch but she says he can do it, so I’m gonna believe it and support it.

Also, he is singing. Constantly. Every song he learns in music class is coming home. The Pizza Song, the “Back to School Again” song and all its derivatives (like The Farmer in the Dell), Twinkle Twinkle -which he loves to sing in a “mad” voice, so funny.

He’s off key, misses a word or two and is so proud of himself, I can’t help but grin.

Happy Friday the 13th. Hope it is lucky for you!


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