I’m Sick

Well, I’m not really sick anymore,  but I’ve been sick.  I went to my cousin’s wedding, which was beautiful and a whole other post….. and came home s-i-c-k.

I could barely get out of bed.  Fever, chills, body aches.  That lasted about 3 days, I started to improve, and woke up having trouble breathing.  So, off to the ER we went and I was diagnosed with………drum roll………. pneumonia. 

I’m off to the doctor again today for the “all clear” to go back to work and hopefully find out just what all the test results were.  I’m thinking it was H1N1 because of symptoms.  I really hope it was because I don’t want to go through being that sick again.  Two full weeks off work, even with sick benefits, is a long time.

The pneumonia was a bit of a shock – I’ve never had it before.  Literally, you feel like you can’t breathe or take a deep breath.  If that isn’t bad enough, your chest also hurts and weighs a ton.  Yet, very little coughing.  I might have coughed 10 times in 3 days before developing the pneumonia. 

For all those who are pro-vaccine and are now quietly chastising me for my anti-H1N1 stance, I’d remind you that I’m not even eligible for the vaccine yet anyhow.  It’s not as though I had a chance and passed it up, I haven’t actually had the opportunity to decide.  We’re still busy trying to reach the most vulnerable & I am not one of those.  Also, I’m not anti-H1N1 for everyone else, just my own family.  You do your own research, make your own decisions.   Don’t substitute my choices for your own.

One thing I would point out, (assuming I had H1N1) is that the complication of pneumonia was brutal to me – who has lost 15 pounds, runs 10 miles a week and is generally is excellent health.  If you do have an underlying medical condition, I would think hard before saying no to the vaccine.  The flu snuck up on me in about 6 hours and the pneumonia symptoms developed in 2-3 hours.  I woke up feeling pretty good and by 11:00 a.m. was in the ER.

Fortunately, I got a nebulizer, strong antibiotics and probiotics and am well on my way to recovery.  The kids are fine, hubby is fine, the preggo in my office is fine.  Thank God I didn’t expose her to this.  Take care readers, wash your hands and watch for symptoms!


2 thoughts on “I’m Sick

  1. Sorry for your illness. Perhaps an award would make you feel better?!? Swing by my site and pick yours up! 🙂

  2. Pretty sure my guys here had the H1N1 since they said there is no other flu going around right now. Their version was short and sweet–but like you said, with an underlying condition, or if pneumonia develops, it can be very serious. Sorry to hear you got a bad case of it. Traveling by plane is a sure-fire way of swapping germs.

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