Random Thoughts

I can’t seem to hold a decent thought in my head long enough to write a post these days, so I’m about to do a brain dump on you all. Let’s see…….

Nathan’s IEP was 2 weeks ago, it was very positive. I know. Shocking. But it really was. I got everything I wanted for him (more OT/PT, more focus on academics) and felt like the team really wants to see him succeed. It took about 1.5 hours in total but at the end, I felt like my kid is special, valued and fun to be around. You can’t ask for much more than that. Score: Mommy 1, Nathan 1

We went to the Eye Specialist last Monday for the twice annual vision check. Turns out Nathan’s eyes are now both working, independently. This is an improvement, but now we have to put Atropine in each eye, alternating weeks. Sounds easy? HA. Ha. ha.

Friday morning finds me pinning my screaming child to the floor, tiny eye dropper bottle in hand, attempting to force his eye open just long enough to get a single drop in. Total time required: 15 minutes. Adults required: Two. Score: Mommy 1, Nathan 0, and still really mad about it.

Saturday was my high school (mini) reunion. Now there was a blast from the past. A couple of people haven’t changed a bit. Draw whatever conclusions you want from that. But there was one who just seems so content in her life and I’ve never known her that way. What a change a little bit of happy makes. I wish we lived closer together because I think I’d like to be her friend. Score: Mommy, who acted like a teenager, just for one night: 1, Kids: 1 (they stayed with Grandma!)

My dress arrived from Ohio for my cousin’s wedding on Saturday. It is a Maid Marian-style costume & it is a size Small-Medium. You better believe I’ve been in the gym all month. I was pretty nervous about getting into it but it FITS! I guess I really am a size 8 finally. Yahoo me! The scale is still mocking me but I am going to assume it’s all the muscle I’m gaining in place of the baby bulges. Score: Sexy Momma: 1 Hallowe’en candy polluting my cupboard: 0

So, a good month so far, the eye drops not withstanding. Next up will be the plane ride to Calgary, the wedding and the hangover exhaustion that will follow.  Oh yeah, and the paper I have to write for my course by Monday, that I haven’t started.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Ooh, that eye drop thing sounds horrendous. My kids would fight me tooth and nail in a situation like that! Good luck! And great job on the weight! You have motivated me to keep working so I can get down to a 10 or an 8!

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