Good News Bad News

It seems to be a good news/bad news type of week. Of course, being the cheerful optimist, I always prefer to think of it as bad news/good news. Better to see the sunny side, even if it doesn’t help, it completely irritates your enemies!

So here goes:

Bad news: It was snowing here yesterday and is cold and miserable today.
Good news: the snow lasted all of 5 minutes on the ground & there’s barely a hint of it today. (meaning I don’t have to shovel just yet which is always bad news)

Bad news: There are still 16 hills of potatoes left outside
Good news: Hey, there’s still 16 hills of potatoes – that’s probably another 80 pounds of taters I’m not shelling out for.

Bad news: My friend’s dad had surgery yesterday
Good news: She reports that he came through ok. I’m still praying for you all anyways.

Bad news: I have a paper to write due on Monday & I’ve barely started the readings.
Good news: The assignment topic isn’t nearly as horrific as the first one & I can likely BS part of the way through it.

Bad news: My family is not going to my cousin’s wedding on Oct. 31
Good news: I AM! I am flying out because she is that important to me. Hey, I can’t imagine missing the day & they’re doing a hand fastening which is new for me. Should be very fun. And, I have a very pretty costume to wear too.

Bad news: My costume is not here yet, it’s a size Small-Medium & I have NO IDEA if it will fit
Good news: There is still 20 days to go before the wedding & I have a gym membership. It’s only coming in from Ohio – shouldn’t take the WHOLE month right?!?!?!

Bad news: My gym membership has caused me to find muscles I forgot about. Ouch.
Good new: I’m tougher than any “owie”. And, tomorrow is my scheduled “rest day”. Back to the torture on Monday.

See, there’s always a silver lining!


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