Monday Mumbers

I think there are easily 450707079796 things I could complain about today and 4583725960483820409 things I could be happy about, so here goes at least a few.

3 Number of meltdowns Eric had over the weekend about nothing. Literally. I swear, his exhaustion makes me tired.

2 glasses of wine it took to erase those meltdowns from my memory

0 number of Tylenol I needed this morning to erase a headache from the wine (I don’t have one!)

.5 amount of wine left in the bottle. Just couldn’t justify drinking the WHOLE thing myself (on a Sunday, no less)

8 number of kids at Circle Church on Sunday

6 number of kids that bothered to pay attention

0 number of those kids that were mine

112.50 price of a 6 month gym membership that I took out on Saturday

3838506837399 number of times I swore to myself that I will be going to the gym at lunch today

4 number of bits of mold on the top of my yogurt that i was just about to eat before going to the gym

1 number of times I considered eating it anyway (I didn’t)

85.6 pounds of potatoes I dug out of the garden on Sunday

16 number of hills those potatoes came from

18 number of hills that are still in the garden

2850659043894389 times I have wondered why the **** I planted 40 hills of potatoes

There’s my numbers. What are yours?


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