Today I am Grateful

I’m always trying to keep the positive as the theme of this blog. Not that we don’t have negatives in our life, we do, but dwelling on them just makes everything harder. I believe every hard moment teaches something, helps us to grow and brings new opportunities.

So, even though I have plenty of reasons to be angry, resentful and sad, I make the choice to be happy. Sometimes making that choice is easy, sometimes it is incredibly hard.

To that end, here’s my list:

Today I am grateful:
– that my son got out of bed too early, just to give me a hug

– that my disorganized house, with all its clutter and dust bunnies is warm, dry, and beautiful. At least it is under the clutter and dust bunnies!

– that my child who couldn’t speak for so long now can’t seem to let me get a word in and loves to sing

– that my younger son is telling me all the secrets from school that I never heard about last year, like what they do in gym, music and lunch time

– that it is still raining which means my over-tired, overworked husband can spend another day in bed. We’re not done the harvest but one can only work 18 hour days for so long!

– that today is the Fun Fair. It’s a community fundraiser with silly kids games, dollar store prizes, cake walk and raffles. It’s loud, it’s exciting and my kids can’t wait! I think that might be the reason the little one got up so early.

What’s your list?


3 thoughts on “Today I am Grateful

  1. I am grateful that my Ohio gathering is this weekend so Olivia can see her friends who have Cri du Chat again and I can be done planning it! I am grateful for my new house and that (knock on wood) everyone’s healthy!!

  2. I am grateful that I have met so many delightful, lovely people across Canada, and hope that even though I don’t talk to them that often, they know that they are carried in my heart.

  3. I love your list. Thanks for reminding me of how much I have to be grateful for. I am grateful also that Danny, who has a speech delay, can now communicate really well. I love getting a glimpse into his personality and sense of humor that we didn’t get as much when he wasn’t speaking. I am so grateful for my kids and husband. I never in a million years thought I would have such a terrific family!

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