Update Update

What a month!

I’ve missed blogging, I’ve missed reading. I’ve missed my spare time. What have I been doing?

Back to school for Nathan, Eric and me. Nursery school meetings, trying to get a before and after school program going, changing daycare arrangements, leading Circle Church, fundraising, enrolling the kids in skating……..and working full time. I’m exhausted but I have no idea why.

And just in case that isn’t enough, I’m still trying to get myself in some kind of physical shape. I was up to running 6 miles but took last week off. Now, with the cold suddenly showing up and the days getting shorter, this girl is thinking it’s time to move the workout inside! So, next it’ll be shelling out the $$ for a gym membership. I haven’t had one since Nathan was teeny tiny. Maybe it’s time??

Of course it hasn’t been all bad. Hey, it never is. Nathan is loving Grade 1, though he thinks it’s hard. Eric loves Kindergarten but thinks Nursery School was “more fun”. Gee this is not looking good for their school careers, is it? Nathan brings home little books that he can “read” now. Okay, it’s really memorized but it is reading to him.

To be fair to Nathan, he did read “combine” (as in the large farm equipment) tonight. He looked at the word, said the “c” sound and shouted out “Combine!”, so he is starting to catch on. I could tell by the way his face completely lit up at reading it all by himself.

We’re off to do IEP in mid-October. The school tells me this will take 30-45 minutes. I sincerely hope they are right. But, I doubt it. We’re looking for some academic goals plus more therapy concentrations so I’m not sure we can get that all sorted out UNLESS they school is thinking the same thing. We shall see.


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