Monday Mumbers

Here’s 1 (ok that’s a number too) thing I haven’t yet done on this blog, Monday Mumbers…..

12 dozen – number of baked goods I made over the weekend
5 – number of pounds I think permanently attached to my rear due to said baked goods
0 – number of miles I managed to haul said rear out the door last week which might also account for the 5
8 – number of cookies I ate yesterday -which again might account for said 5 pounds
6 – number of sandwiches I made for hubby over the weekend as he is busy in the field
2 – number of tomatoes I brought in from the garden
0 – number I shared with anyone except hubby
38383 – number of times I felt guilty of said non-sharing
38384 – number of times I said get over it to myself as I ate a toasted tomato sandwich. yuuuuuuum

38 – number of times I went to pick up the phone to talk to a friend over the weekend
0 – number of times I actually did it

18.75 – hours of overtime I put in while my boss went on vacation
3 – hours of that overtime I actually will be spending on “time off in lieu”
48 – hours of overtime I should have put in but didn’t because I’m not supposed to do “overtime”

494 – number of kisses and hugs I got from my boys after being at Grandma’s all weekend (gotta love it)
493 – number of times I considered going back in their room last night for just one more

Those are my mumbers. What are yours?


4 thoughts on “Monday Mumbers

  1. Love this entry! At least you got the baked goods baked….I usually end up eating all the batter (if it’s cookies, cake, brownies, etc.)

    My number? more than I can count: number of times I heard whining kids stuck inside because of rain for 3 days. LOVED THE RAIN THOUGH!

    1 – fabulous time of playing in the rain. Probably woulda cut out the other number if we would have thought of this earlier!

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