Harvest Thoughts

We’re back into the harvest season. Neil has been combining for the last couple weeks, in between the rains. Nathan is so in love with the combine these days, he is pretty emotionally fragile if the machine is sidelined for repair or rain.

For me, this means I am single parenting (essentially). Neil still gets home at night though it might be after midnight. And, he can take the kids in the evenings for a ride for about an hour. Pretty nice but I do have to run them out & pick them up. I am not complaining, it just makes the “hour to myself” more like 40 minutes some days.

The single parenting thing is worse in the spring because he’s out before 7:00 a.m. most days and back late in the evening. Harvest is a little better, he can often wait until we’re out the door (8:30) before starting his work day. Of course, he’s generally still sleeping at 8:00, so I am doing the morning, evening and bedtime routines solo. But, it is much easier now that the children are older.

On to my “real” point – harvest thoughts. Last night Neil needed me to bring the old 3-ton truck out the to field since he was running short of truck space. I learned to drive this mid-1970s model back in high school and am fairly ok at it, if I do say so myself. In our younger days, I even hauled a fair amount of grain, but now that we have bigger trucks, my services are less often required. Getting in the truck, driving down the road listening to AM Radio really took me back.

As I’m puttering along, hey it only goes about 30 miles per hour now, I took a deep breath in and realized that I could smell “harvest”. It’s the smell of a warm truck, freshly threshed grain, dust on the windshield and the sweetness of knowing that we have again coaxed a crop from our land. There is nothing so satisfying as that smell.

We always say that being a farmer is genetic. (Depending on the day, it might be a genetic flaw). That it gets in your blood and you just can’t shake the passion to be out on the land. I think it is the smell of harvest. The scent that always brings you back to why we do this. Why we work so hard and why we love our life here.

You can keep your cities and traffic and shopping malls. I’ll keep the gentle breezes, the smell of dusty grain, the hum of an aeration fan and the knowledge that God is at work all around us.


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