The Countdown is On

There are now 22 days before Nathan goes back to school & he is very excited. We’ve had our trip to the city for clothes, backpacks, lunch box and various other things. Yesterday, he helped me completely reorganize the pantry & made “suggestions” on where things should go. Hey it was nice to have the help. He wasn’t as interested in putting things back but it still saved me the step of pulling them out.

Mom – Boy I’ve made a mess in my kitchen.

Nathan – Mommy you always make a mess in the kitchen

Mom – You’re right Nathan

Nathan – You should pick up your stuff so you know where it is

(Gee where have I heard that before)

I was also attempting to be a Suzy Homemaker yesterday, baking up a storm. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get the laundry done so I’ll be at that all week now. Darn. But, I do have some lovely muffins to share!

So, 22 days before school. Can’t it just be 2 more days? Please? Nathan has had it with the break. He wants back to his routine & his school. Even more than me. I swear.


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