Again with the Abuse of Children?

Jeepers.  What is with people these days?  The Fragile X  listserv has been lit up for the past few days about a boy who was abused on his bus by the bus monster  monitor. I actually typed the first word & laughed at that, figured I better “correct” it.

People who are in authority over children need better training to handle their needs.  I do not understand how people think it is OK to hurt any child, but particularly a child with disabilities.


Here’s a link to the story Fox News did on the story.  According to his mother, Logan was being picked on by other children on the bus.  He reacted by spitting at them, which is noted on his IEP as the way he reacts when threatened.  (is spitting ok?  no.  his parents will tell you that too.)  The bus monitor dragged that 68 pound child by his hair across the seats, hit him with his backpack multiple times as well as her hand.  She also verbally abused him.

But guess what?  The bus monitor “did nothing wrong” according to the School District.  The police found no evidence of criminal behaviour.

PARDON ME?  I cannot believe this, nor can our listserv. 

If this offends you as it has me, don’t be afraid to write to the superintendent.  Here’s a link.  It is time we start screaming back every time we hear about abuse.  Of any child.  In any country.  In any form.

The more we allow it to happen, sweep it under the rug, pretend that it’s ok, the more it will happen.  Violence brings violence.  And don’t kid yourself.  Abuse is just a “nicer” term than violence.


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