Long Break, but I’m Still Here

I feel like I’ve abandoned my blog these days.  It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say, just too busy to sit down & say it.  Life has been a little nutty at our place, though I am sure most of that is my own fault.

Nathan finished Kindergarten, got a somewhat lousy report card for the year end.  He seems to have slipped on his numbers (now only counting to 12 instead of 16) and didn’t make any measurable progress on any of the measured outcomes.  I was really hoping for a better result, but we weren’t doing the work at home, so I am not sure why I was surprised.

He’s got a summer tutor, 7.5 hours per week to help him work on his goals and hopefully not loose any of his gains over the summer.  He seems to really like her and is very excited to go to his sessions.

Our major goals for the next school year are improving his fine and gross motor skills.  His hand writing is still nearly non-existent.  He can make the letters of his name, but barely.  He is jumping a little more though and that is exciting.   The one great improvement is his speech – he still mispronounces words and sometimes has a hard time getting his thoughts out, but mostly he can be understood and speaks well.

I will try to keep the blog up again.  I just needed a break to get focused.


3 thoughts on “Long Break, but I’m Still Here

  1. Breaks are definitely good things. I keep feeling a break coming on too. I kinda wonder if maybe the blog has run its course, ya know.

  2. Yep, I haven’t written on mine in a while either. And this is the first time I’ve sat to read as well. Looking forward to catching up. Having to think about the school stuff brings me down a bit.

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