Why is it….

Why is it…..that toys seem to multiply overnight? I go to bed with 2 tractors on the floor & by morning it seems I have an entire farm hanging out in my living room?

Why is it….that my boys have a complete lack of modesty surrounding bathroom functions? Can you not close the door when you go?

Why is it….that Eric will eat pancakes but not banana pancakes, unless one calls the banana pancakes plain pancakes

Why is it….that a laminate floor gets dirty 1.5 seconds after it is washed and shining?  We all feel better since we took out the carpet but I’m not a fan of knowing just how dirty humans are.

Why is it….that the only days I have to plant my flowers and tomatoes outside it is either: a frost warning day, a screaming windy day or both?

Why is it….that it is June 6th and we are still getting frost warnings?  Sick.  If this is global warming, I’m leaving my car to idle all day.


Thanks for listening.  I just needed someone else to wonder about these things for awhile!


6 thoughts on “Why is it….

  1. Around here I’m wondering why exactly it’s rained every day for the last three weeks. It’s not an ideal way to start our summer, for sure. And my boys lack modesty and tidiness skills as well, we have tile floors and they are forever coated in some manner of unidentifiable sticky substance. They stay clean for like five minutes. 😦

  2. Oh yeah, I have many of the same questions, especially about how the minute I mop, the kids will spill something really sticky. And my kids have no modesty either.

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