Run Forrest Run

You’ve all got the mental picture now, don’t you? A goofy looking runner – well, I’m not all tall and gangly like Forrest Gump, but I’m pretty sure I look as goofy.

On Sunday I did my very first 5K race. My kids think I won. I didn’t tell them that I won. Honest. It’s just that after I told them I didn’t win about 20 times, I finally gave in and said, “Yes, I won.” They were happy.

In a way, I did win though. My best training time was just over 41 minutes, or a 12 minute mile. I came in at 35:46 (an 11:30 mile!), so I am pretty thrilled. My entire goal was to run the entire race, no walking, and come in around 39 minutes. Check check. I never imagined I could knock 5 full minutes off my time!

About 1/2 way through, I really wondered why the hell I ever decided to run this stupid race. It was hard and I was tired and my form was slowly disintegrating into pile of slump. (Which is a great way to get injured, by the way) But, I tried my best to buck up, pull in my core and straighten out. That didn’t work really very well, so I just held on for the rest of the run.

And then, right at the end, they announce “And here comes Michelle ___ from (my little wee town)” and I got a boost that even I didn’t think I had in me. I crossed that finish line triumphantly, albeit a little bummed because the timer read 51:– minutes, but still feeling a sense of “I DID IT”. Hey, 10 minutes earlier I would have been thrilled to lay down and die.

As it turned out, the timer was set for the half-marathon that started 15 minutes before, so my time was much better than I saw on screen. Ahh, the innocence of a newbie.

I managed to finish before the 10K winner (who started at the same time as the 5K) and see the half-marathon winner cross the finish line too. Man, could those guys run!

Anyhow, I am pretty excited, even today at how well I did. Now, I need to set a new goal I guess. Maybe 5K in 30 minutes?? My loving and oh-so-supportive brother suggested I could do his run – 5K in 25 minutes with 25 push-ups at each kilometer. Army boys are such show-offs.


7 thoughts on “Run Forrest Run

  1. Great Job!!

    Rather then speed, you could work on Endurance, and try the 10k run at 70-80 minutes??

    It so blows my mind that you did an 11 minute mile. i think it takes me 40 minutes to go a mile πŸ™‚

  2. Way to go! It’s a great feeling, huh!!!??? I’m with you on the form. I hit slumpage pretty after about 2 miles. And boy do I hurt after that! Keep up the good work. You’ll be doing a 10K before ya know it!

    That spinning thing…..heard it was a killer!

  3. That’s awesome! My friend and I just started training for a 5K. I have never run much before, so it will be interesting. We are doing the program “From Couch Potato to 5K in 2 months”–I’m sure it will take me much longer than 35 minutes to run, but I will be excited if I can keep running for the whole distance!

  4. Way to go, Michelle. As a former runner of 5K’s, I know what an achievement that is! I ALWAYS wondered why the heck I signed up for the stupid race while I was running it, but once you finish, it feels so good (well, once you catch your breath again). At the age of 51, I haven’t felt the desire to sign up for a race lately, but you never know. The kids run them and keep calling me a wimp for chickening out.

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