Words Words

I must brag – Nathan can now read 35 of the 40 pre-primer words!   The first time I “tested” him, he could read 19.  And of the 5 he doesn’t know, he really only doesn’t know 1.  “My”

He always says “me”, which of course, is not the same word.  He even managed “where” today, which has been a struggle for him.  I am so proud.  Now I really have to pull out the primer words, cut them up & help him learn those too.

We had our first T-ball practice last night.  The boys were awesome.  They stayed with the group, did everything they were asked and even managed to hit the ball & catch a bit.  What a difference from last year.  Nathan could barely pay attention for 5 minutes & was off playing in the playground at the first opportunity.

I noticed big changes in all the kids, not just my own.  My nieces were also there.  One is 9, so she was my helper last night.  NO, I’m not the “coach”, it was just my turn to parent volunteer.  Anyhow, my lovely niece was right in there, teaching the wee ones to catch with a scoop, throw a rubber chicken through a hoop and cheered everyone on.

It was quite an experience & I am so looking forward to next week.  Of course, next week I have to “sit on the sidelines” because it is someone else’s turn to help.  I never got to try that out last year, so that will be different for me.  I am really looking forward to watching how Nathan does without me to help/prod/teach him along.


One thought on “Words Words

  1. HOw great! It sounds like you are having some wonderful experiences with the kids. Isn’t it fun to see them succeed?

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