Reasons I Might Be The World’s Best Mother

I’ve written before about why I’m the world’s worst mom .  But, since it was Mothers Day yesterday, I decided to remind myself of some  reasons why Eric loves to whisper “You’re the best Mommy in the whole world” in my ear.

1.  I don’t mind if my kids get dirty.  I don’t even mind if they get filthy.  So what.  That’s what God made bath tubs for.  Go ahead, plunge into the puddle, run through the mud, roll in the sand.  Get dirty, it’s fun.

2. I take my kids out to the tractor nearly everyday during seeding and harvest, even if Dad is an hour away, just so they can enjoy some quality farm time with Dad. And I don’t grump about having to go or that I have a lot of  other things that need to be done

3.  I bake cookies every week and make sure that I never put raisins in Eric’s cookies. 

4.  I watch (or allow them to watch) hours of Mighty Machines, John Deere tractor movies and have sat through Cars more times than I’d like to admit.  Every time, I try to laugh at the funny parts.

5.  I took my kids to the wedding dance on Saturday and pretty much ignored all the other adults there so that I could dance with my boys.  Eric was an excellent date.

6.  I can recite (word for word) Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and have been able to do so since Nathan was about a month old.  I sing them the little song every night before bed & even call them when I am away from home to sing the song because I know it helps them fall asleep.

7.  I’m never too busy for a hug or a kiss.  Packed room, dirty hands, running out the door, I always have time for a little bit of love.

 8.  I try not to sweat the little stuff.  If Eric wants to wear clothes 2 days in a row, I don’t fight him on it.  I’d far rather discipline about the big stuff – rudeness, disregard for house rules, fighting than constantly nagging about things that don’t matter.

9.  I hand out praise like it is candy.  My boys know two things:  I love them & I am proud of them.  They know that no matter what they do, they can be honest and I will still love them.  They know that Mom (and Dad) is their biggest fan and cheerleader.

10.  I hate to miss bedtime.  I love to read their story, hear them try to read, sing their song and hear their prayers.  I enjoy that little bit of quiet time with them & I know that when I whisper “You’re my favorite (Eric/Nathan) in the whole world” I am likely to hear something similar back.  I also love that they will sing Love you Forever and sometimes sing “my Mommy you’ll be”.  Warms my heart everytime.

I have to admit it, I have amazing kids.   Why are you the world’s best mother?  Link back to me & tell us all why your kids love you so much.  Happy (belated) Mothers Day all.


6 thoughts on “Reasons I Might Be The World’s Best Mother

  1. This is spectacular! I love this post. Normally, all I think of are the reasons why I suck as a mom, but you really got me thinking. I too let my kids get filthy dirty–thanks for making me see this as the virtue it is! I think I may do my own post….

  2. This is such an awesome post!! I can think of tons of things I’ve done as a mother that officially suck but when I think about what I’ve done WELL, that list is pretty long…much longer than the horrible list!!!

    Come stop by my blog and check out the fun We Heart Art carnival I have going on right now! The prizes are very cool!!

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