Sometimes I’m Smart, Sometimes I’m Blonde.

As I am terribly vain and not at all pleased with my current efforts to take a photo of myself, I’m not posting a picture of me today. It seems the camera is not adding 10 pounds these days, but like 20 pounds, wrinkles and zits. Seriously. Wrinkles and acne? That has to be a mistake and is totally unfair. I mean really, the wrinkle cream is all thick and moisture-rich, which of course, promotes blackheads and little forehead red dots. Ok, really there is only one and I can cover it up, but still. I think I’ve earned the right to be done  with pimples.   Sheesh.

I’m on a big healthy-me kick right now, so I’ve been getting lots of exercise, fruits and veggies and trying to curb my sweet tooth.  And drinking a ton of water.  This always seems to really mess up my skin at first, as opposed to improve it.  But, after spending two weeks drowning in water, I am starting to the end of the bad skin phase.

So, by now you’re wondering where I’m going with all this. Well, in the interest of honesty, I must tell you that my gorgeous blonde hair is actually (either) Colour 99 or 102 Nice & Easy.  In my defense, I’m simply colouring it back to what it was in high school.  99 is a bit light and so needs to be done more frequently, so I switched back to 102 today since I don’t expect I’ll have a lot of time for colouring for awhile.  The whole point is, giving myself a boost with hair colour was supposed to be my reward for all my hard work and weight loss.

Yeah.  I actually gained weight this week. Bummer.  But, I lost 4 inches overall, so my delightful hubby tells me it must be all that lean muscle I’m building.  And, we all know that muscle weighs more than fat.  And that muscle actually helps to increase metabolism which will further decrease weight.  And that 1 week of weight gain can be caused by things like water retention, “that time of the month” or eating after dark.  Or whatever other lies we like to tell ourselves when the scale starts to mock us.

So, I thought “Michelle, you worked your butt off this week.  Colour your hair.  An inch off your butt is an inch off your butt.  That’s cause for celebration.”

Since I’m not really a fan of arguing with myself, I went ahead and broke out the bottle.  Of hair colour.  It was 6 a.m. people!

After all that, my husband remarked at how stinky hair colour is & I reminded him that I’m just trying to stay the gorgeous blonde he fell in love with at 16.  He teased me about how many points I was “dumbing down” my IQ this time, and I told him not nearly as many as last time, after all, I’m not going nearly as light this time.

Ahhhh.  Now I’m all coloured and feelin’ pretty again.

If only I could get back my high school body in 45 minutes too.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m Smart, Sometimes I’m Blonde.

  1. Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice (getting our old high school bodies back in 5 minutes). Congrats on the inch lost. That is great! I too am embarking on a weight loss/healthier me program. Trying to get rid of all the extra poundage….

  2. If you figure out how to lose weight in 45 minutes, let me know so I can be a milionaire too!! As for the lean muscle thing, it’s true. One week I gained 3 lbs and it was all muscle. Are you keeping track of your body fat? That’s such a better method…I’m a fitness geek so let me know if I can help! You should check out It’s awesome!

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