Random Thoughts


First, I’ve never done an official “random Tuesday thoughts’ so please, bear with me if I am doing it wrong.  Hey, one must start somewhere.

The yard is finally starting to dry up.  I am only doing 3 loads of laundry a day now and only 1 looks like it took up permanent residence in a mud puddle.

I have lost Nathan’s lunch box 3 times in the last week.  The kid only goes to school 2 or 3 days a week, you’d think that once I found it I could keep a handle on where I put it.  But, no.  Fortunately, he pointed out this morning, as we’re scrambling for the bus that it was up on a high shelf in the cupboard.  Being slightly vertically challenged, I didn’t think to look up on a high shelf.   Whatever.

I did a killer workout this morning and now I really just want to curl up into a ball of tired and sleep.  I did a combination of bike riding, running and walking and logged a total of 2 miles.  Took me 30 minutes and I don’t think my poor heart has quit pounding yet.  It is now painfully obvious that I might be in the worst shape of my life. 

I’m off to conference next week and staying in a gorgeous hotel all by myself.  It is one of the most indulgent things, I think, to sleep in a hotel bed all alone.  Neil will be seeding, Nathan has school and they weren’t invited anyhow.  Even better, it is a work conference, so I’m not even footing the bill.  Is my job awesome or what? 

My (brand new) floors are a big filthy mess and I am ashamed of myself.  They’ve been down what, 2 weeks and already I am having trouble keeping them up.  They are sooooo pretty but after the birthday party on Saturday and having 8 children and 6 adults in the house, they need some serious attention. I’m talking hands and knees, bucket of water and scrubbing attention.  Yeah.  Sounds like a workout.  Maybe tomorrow.

I haven’t made  a decent chocolate chip cookie for at least 3 months.  Gluten free chocolate chip cookies are just really eluding me and I am practically world famous for my “regular” chocolate chip cookies.  Don’t get me wrong the GF ones taste good, but nothing beats the originals.  I think it’s the lactose free margarine.  They need stick margarine people, and they just don’t make that stuff in Canada.  Sucks.


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5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I spent some time on a treadmill yesterday and I’m still surprised by how hard my heart was beating. Really, panting that hard just can’t be good for you. 😉

    Enjoy your conference and your hotel suite. A full night of sleep followed by a morning when I’m not woken up by a two year old shouting my name at the top of his lungs sounds heavenly.

  2. wow, enjoy the stay, please sleep for me, sleep for all of us. (mine doesn’t have his big sleep issues anymore, but pee at midnight and up at 6 still sucks, just coz it’s better than no sleep-the past-doesn’t make it ok to me).

  3. If heart rate is what you go by, I had a fantastic workout yesterday when the dog spotted another dog and I had to wrestle her 70-lb manic self back into the house (in my socked feet, over rocks). Good times.

    I’m jealous of your conference. Need an assistant?

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