How Does Your Sandbox Grow?

Since the boys were old enough to sit in a sandbox, they’ve spent their lives in one.  Nathan was even attempting to dig the sand out this winter, in 40 below weather with the ground frozen stiff.

I have always said that my kids’ growth simply stagnates in the winter.  But, the first warm day, plant them in the sandbox and watch them grow.

This is the first year I have seen real changes in Nathan in the winter.  He’s reading (a little), his speech has improved again and he is so much more social.  The changes are actually pretty astonishing.  He is not not the same kid I enrolled in Kindergarten, that’s for sure.

So, you can imagine that I don’t quite know what to expect from this year’s planting.

Will he finally be understood to everyone?  Will he develop a Volume Control (button) that actually works without me reminding him constantly to turn it down?  Will he learn to play a team sport like T-ball?  Will he start to read independently, print his own name and learn basic addition?

Nathan has come so far in a year that I’m simply holding my breath waiting to see what is next in store for him.  No doubt, it will be something wonderful and amazing.  Of course, he is my kid, so I might be a little  biased.


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