Guess Where I’ve Been?

Well, if we are Facebook friends, you already know.

But, for those of you who haven’t made my Friend list – I must tell you about the Awesome time I had. 

We went to the Nickelback concert in Winnipeg on Sunday night.  I am a pretty big fan (and not just because Chad is hot, although that helps.  Gosh, I’m 30 & I just referred to a man as hot.  I soooo need to get  a life. )

As I was saying, I am a big fan but it never even crossed my mind to go to a concert.  First, Winnipeg is a loooooooong drive.  Second, those tickets are not exactly cheap.  Third, then I’d have to admit to my husband that I am a big fan.  And, I figured he’d make fun of me.

But no.  Neil decided we were going & bought tickets months ago.  Up until we got into the city, I wasn’t even sure the whole event was worth the hassle.  Kids, work, life, everything else always seems more important than having a little fun.

Ummm Yeah.  As a matter of fact, I did forget that I like to have fun. 

And, that I enjoy the feeling of the entire building vibrating from the bass, the noise and the excitement. 

So, unlike the crappy reporter from the Winnipeg Free Press, who clearly has no love for Nickelback, (and why exactly would you waste a ticket on someone who doesn’t enjoy the band???) I thought the entire concert was Awesome.

Did I say that already?  Well. It was.  Awesome.

Next time, it’s Girls Night Out & you’re all coming with.  And we are totally getting floor tickets.  Being in the rafters was still amazing, but I next time, I wanna party like a rockstar.

Here’s a view.  Hey, it’s the best I can do.  The guy put up 5 videos actually, you can scroll through and find them all.




4 thoughts on “Guess Where I’ve Been?

  1. Yay! We saw them in Brandon (won tix on the radio) and had a great time! Eddie and I just went to see Great Big Sea in Victoria a few weeks ago, and we had a total blast. I so know what you mean — it was like I had forgotten that I love to dance and have a good time! We had so much fun that I wanted to go every week! Actually, Lisa was about to get floor tickets for U2 for us — they are coming to Vancouver in October and I have never seen them in concert. That should be an experience — getting crushed in with at least a couple thousand “standing only” folks at BC Place! yahoo!

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