Maybe Spring??

Finally.  Spring may have finally sprung in our little corner of the world.  It is sunny and bright, no wind and warm. Well, warm if you’ve been living in a deep freeze all winter, cold as heck if you live in one these “resort” places like, say, New Mexico.  Or Florida.  Yeah.  You know who you are, I’m not linking to you.  (Protecting your “secret identity” and all that)

The boys were covered, pretty much head to toe in mud yesterday and it was just barely above freezing.  They are hanging out at Nana’s house today, where a giant puddle, 6 or 7 inches deep, has also taken up residence. 

Ahhh puddles.  There is nothing like the allure of a puddle to a child.  I watched their eyes glaze over as I told them to “stay out of the mud” and nod, as they barely coherently mumbled “yes, Mom”.  I fully expect them to be drenched, muddy and laughing when I pick them up after work.  After all, what is a puddle for, if not to explore?

Fortunately, I am a plan ahead for all such disasters type of mother & packed them extra snowsuits, mitts and clothes.  They went to Nana’s with an overnight bag packed so full it looks like they are staying for a week.

And yes, I packed underwear too.  I have seen what these two can do in a puddle.  Just imagine witnessing the following conversation:

Nathan – “Eric, no puddles!”

Eric – “I’m just looking at it, Nathan” (as he inches, ever closer to the puddle)

E- “Look, it’s still got ice on top.  It’s not a puddle yet!”

N- “Me too!”

E- “No, you’ll break it.  Get off”  (as they both suddenly crack through the ice)

N – “Eric – you broke it” (splashes water at Eric)

E – “No, it was you” (splashes back)

Water splashing sounds……crying…..coming to the house….changing his mind & going back for just one more stomp in the puddle.  Laughter.


Ah yes.  Spring at the farm.


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