Things that Don’t Suck

Told you, I was only going to wallow for a day or two.

The boys were at Grandma’s for a few days so we could put in several looooong days renovating.  Neil spent 11 hours on Sunday laying new laminate floors & believe me, he took maybe 10 minutes worth of breaks the whole day.  It was a lot of work, but what a beautiful change!  We’re still working on it, so again, pictures to follow.

There’s nothing like getting a break to put your kids in perspective.  I always enjoy looking for the changes in them – do they talk more? (or more clearly) are they bigger?  do they seem older all of a sudden?

So, here’s a few things that don’t suck

1.  Giant bear hugs – my boys give the best hugs.  Nathan will run to you, arms wide open, even half a block away, to wrap you in a hug.  There is no doubt he loves you.  These hugs kept me going during those years he couldn’t say “I love you”.

2.  Long, involved stories.  Nathan told me all kinds of stories about his weekend.  Granted, he’s talking too fast to catch it all, but so what, at least he wants to involve us in his thoughts.

3.  Bedtime.  It took nearly an hour to read 1 story tonight. The boys kept interupting with ideas, dreams, plans for tomorrow and requests for “one more hug”  I do love bedtime generally, but tonight was just a mess of giggles and bonding.

4.  Learning to Read.  Nathan is recognizing more words.  He read “spring break” on his calendar today after sounding out the “spr..” part.  It is so neat to watch him work on this skill.  The joy and surprise in his face when letters start to click into place is just awesome. 

5.  Exploration.  The new flooring is pretty different, it is a laminate with a foam underlay. This allows the floor to have just a bit of bounce.  The first thing the boys did was stomp a foot, testing the ‘give’ of the floor.  The funny part is, they did it at least 1/2 an hour apart from each other.  They had the same reaction, wondering, what is it & how does it work.

6.  Being reminded that Nathan is a treasure.  A break always gives me the chance to recharge and see my son as the precious gift he is.  To remember that he is so much more than a collection of quirks, delays, challenges and diagnosis.  He is a unique, wonderful boy who could never be defined by a word as limiting as Autism.

2 thoughts on “Things that Don’t Suck

  1. What a great post! Definitely something I needed to read right now. I haven’t had time off from my kids in a really, really long time and there’s no break in sight. Reading your post helped me remember what’s great about them…thank you!

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