I Ordered Spring, darn it.

That’s it. I am never ordering from Sears again. They always screw it up. (and if you don’t know what “Sears” means – substitute your favorite catalog merchant in its place)

Seriously. In March 2003, I distinctly remember ordering a 7.5 pound, blue eyed, blonde haired girl. With a sunny disposition, gentle compassion and both beauty and brains.

Yeah. Sears sent me a 6 lb 10 oz, blue eyed, dark haired boy.

I wasn’t ready to give up though. So, I daringly placed a second order. Again, I asked for the gorgeous, brainy girl.

You guessed it. I got an 8 lb 2 oz, blue eyed, blonde…boy.

But, I am a sucker for punishment. So, last week, I screwed up all my courage, got out the order form and requested Spring. Warm breezes, fresh flowers, deep mud puddles.

Guess what I got? Yes. A blizzard. A freaking March blizzard, full of snow, cold and plenty of wind.

I am never ordering from Sears again.


4 thoughts on “I Ordered Spring, darn it.

  1. I think one gorgeous brainy blonde female per household is enough! 😉

    But I agree — there was a mix-up in my baby orders as well, so I finally went behind Sears’ back and direct-ordered a girl from another merchant!

    have a happy (tho wintry) day!

    You are too kind. And your direct-ordered girl is a gem. Give her a snuggle from me.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, we are getting our blizzard today (in Kansas). 70 degrees last weekend, ice yesterday, snow today. Good thing Easter wasn’t early this year…

    No Doubt! You’d have been eating Chocolate bunny all by yourself!

  3. Maybe you are actually ordering wrong… Maybe you should have ordered more blustery, wintry days and THEN you would have gotten the spring weather. Who knows? It’s worth a try. While you’re at it, could you order in some good weather for Illinois, too? I could use it.

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