Six Random Things

In honour of Nathan’s 6th Birthday, I’d like to tell you six random things that I’m thinking about.

1. We’re scheduled to have a huge dump of heavy, wet snow this week. Seriously. It is the end of March for gosh sakes, you’d think we could be moving on to spring already. If you are lucky enough not be living in the snow zone, it is also highly likely that you’ll experience flooding. Maybe both, if we’re really lucky.

2. It has been 6 years since the “war” in Iraq started and my brother went to keep peace in Afghanistan. It really irritates me that my son can learn to walk, talk in sentences and make friends in that span of time but the world can’t get it’s act together and get along. (And I use war here very loosely. I don’t think it’s appropriate, but since there isn’t a concise term for the immoral, probably illegal, definitely swooped in for oil not world safety action of the Bush government, I guess war will do)

3. I hate daylight saving time. It was all fine and good when it arrived in April. Sure, we still complained about loosing that precious hour of sleep. But now, I am waking up in the dark every day. It feels like 3 a.m. and isn’t exactly a great way to bound out of bed. All I’m saying is, shoving daylight saving time into March was a stupid idea. Maybe one of you American readers can suggest (protest) this to Obama for me? Cuz Canada is just going to follow whatever you do anyhow. I’m not quite begging. Yet. But, I will.

4. Drywall dust, renovating and the mess that goes along with it sucks ass. I mean this sincerely. I washed down my (brand new!) counters last night about 4 times, not counting the 3 times I washed them in the morning before work. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about renovating or the results. I’m just sick of finding white powder all over my house. What is it about drywall dust that makes it necessary to infect every room in the house? Couldn’t someone invent a product that stays put? (Maybe you could add that to the Obama protest list.)

5. I want to be outside right now. I love blogging, don’t get me wrong, but I’d rather be outside, running down the lane, enjoying some cranked up iTunes. I am soooo sick of being cooped up in the house all the time. I can’t run in the minus weather, it hurts too much to breathe, so I generally wait until the sun starts rising in the morning, about now. And since I’ve already been complaining about it in #3, you’ll know that it is still pitch black outside. I live in the country. The latest “breaking news” is that wolves, coyotes and big cats numbers are on the rise this year because deer numbers are down. I am NOT venturing outside, in the dark, to possibly do battle with that. You may say there’s no danger. I’m staying in. and complaining.

6. My husband just gets more and more talented. Oh, don’t go there. I’m not talking about that . He has renovated two houses for me now. (And yes, it’s for me, don’t kid yourself.) Every time he takes on a project, he improves his techniques and tries out something a little more difficult or decorative. He’s not a contractor by trade, although he has done a fair amount of hammer swinging, he just has an eye and a talent for it. We’ve been married 8.5 years and he has spent nearly every winter renovating something. I’m not sure what he’ll do next winter, we’re running out of projects here. (Last time we ran out of projects, we moved) Maybe he’ll take a break. And no, he won’t be offering to renovate your house Erin. I wish he would though. Wouldn’t that be fun? We’re still not quite at the “after” stage, so pictures are still to come.


One thought on “Six Random Things

  1. I totally agree about the war and the time change. Bush is an idiot and I wish he had never started the war in Iraq. Let’s hope Obama can clean up his mess.

    As for daylight savings time, I HATE it. I also hate waking up in the dark. And I don’t even get up that early: between 6:30 and 7. I don’t know why they decided to move it to March. Whose idea was that anyway?

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