Bring on the Weekend

I’m tired. We’re renovating the kitchen & it is beautiful. But exhausting. (And I’m not even doing 99% of the work)

Sunday, the cabinets went in & there was literally 1 path around the entire upstairs of our house. I had laundry piled as high as the basement roof (I swear!) and spent the day up & down the stairs, trying to keep the mess and the kids under control.

Did I mention that there were 5 children in my house on Sunday?? Oh yes. Our friend came over to help Neil with the initial installation and brought his 4 year old son. He’s great buddies with Eric, so that was really nice. Then, Eric insisted that his 2 cousins needed to come over for a play.

The girls’ mom has been really sick with a chest infection, so it was a chance to let her rest a bit. Well, what’s 2 more anyhow? It was chaos, but controlled. Besides, without the friends, the boys would have been in the way trying to help all day.

Surprisingly enough, no mess. The kids played nicely and cleaned up after themselves. I’m not sure why, I didn’t ask them to or even harp at them about keeping things picked up. Must have been peer pressure.

So, I’m tired. Tomorrow we’re off to the city to pick up door handles and other assorted items Neil needs to complete the job.

Don’t worry, I’ll post the pictures (before & after) when we’re done!


One thought on “Bring on the Weekend

  1. I can’t wait to see it you will have to post it on Metamorphosis Monday. Wow 5 kids… thats crazy… and amazing they were so good.

    I swear I didn’t spike the Kool-Aid either. They were just well behaved!

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