Parent Teacher Interview

First, I need to say, Sorry Mrs. G. I really had no idea that we’d been talking for over an hour. So, thank-you very much for all your time.

Yesterday I went to Nathan’s school and had our first parent-teacher interview. I missed the fall ones due to a trip. Well, if this was the consequence, I’ll gladly skip the November ones every year!

Nathan is doing awesome in school. He is making friends, engaging other kids, even asking to join their games! He is still shy and doesn’t like eye contact, but socially he is doing very well. Mrs. G seemed pleased and somewhat amazed at this. To be fair, she’s never had a documented autistic kid in her class (although, she’s sure that she did have one, he was just never labeled) and he is, in her words “very high functioning”.

His academics are not so far behind either. She told me usually she can tell who is going to struggle in Grade 1 but she just doesn’t know about Nathan. He continually surprises her (and us!) and is making incredible gains. She wouldn’t commit that he will or won’t repeat Grade 1, where that seemed a pretty sure thing earlier in the year.

“Basically, keep doing what you’re doing” is the advice she gave me. I think we can handle that!


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