Wanted: One Birthday Idea

Ok folks, I’m opening this question up to the floor.  Nathan turns 6 in 2 weeks & I have no idea what to get him for a present.

His loves?  trucks, tractors, semi-trucks, wagons, bicycles, cars, movies

Does he need anymore of these?  In a word, no.

So, what do you buy a 6 year old boy who has plenty of toys, needs to be active and is trying to learn to read, improve gross motor skills and fine motor skills?

What do your boys play with?  Is a video game a bad bad bad idea?  Or, does it give you a moment’s peace & is therefore worth the arm (and leg) charged for said video game system?

I usually know exactly the right thing, but I am stuck.  He’d be happy with (another) new tractor too but I wonder if there is something else out there?

Any and all ideas welcome and appreciated. Please.  If you are a lurker & have ever wanted to comment, now’s the time!


5 thoughts on “Wanted: One Birthday Idea

  1. My FX son loves video games. He has a Leapster handheld video game that he loves, and I like too. A lot of the games are educational, and especially help with things like math and reading. My son likes to play it because it’s fun – he doesn’t really know that it’s educational. Games are sold separately. Target, Walmart, Toys R Us all have this. Hope this helps.

  2. Do they still have Big Wheels? That is gross motar and like a car? Is he too old for that? I don’t know.

    I love Nintendo’s Wii, and it does get the kids up and playing, and they have mario Cart, a racing game thats really fun.

    uh oh. A vote for Wii. Hubby may be very pleased! 😉

  3. If you lived closer to a major centre I’d say to buy an activity as a pressie — bowling lessons or gymnastics class or carpentry for kids…
    Some “old fashioned” games might be good — remember tinker toys? They are still around (saw them in Costco awhile back) and it does take motor control to fit the pieces together. Or remember “spyrograph” — using little interlocking wheels to create pictures — fine motor galore. Of course my boys live for Lego. I do secretly covet a Wii myself — just seems so pricey — but I’d love the Wii fit and balance board for meself! Good luck, chickie!

  4. My son is turning 5 and we have much of the same issue with having enough toys. We are thinking of getting him a batting tee (to learn how to play t-ball) and a plastic ball/bat combo. Don’t know if your son is interested in anything like that, but it would work gross motor skills.

  5. We have the same question about our soon-to-be 4-yr-old. Haven’t figured it out yet.

    For 6 though, if you’re considering some video games I would recommend a Nintendo DS. Our twins love theirs, and not only does it give us a little bit of peace when they’re playing, but we found that their handwriting improved noticeably because playing the games helped their fine motor strength and coordination. So it could be considered therapeutic too ;).

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