Freezing. Stiff. Brrrrr….

It is so incredibly cold here again, I am about ready to freeze or scream.  My fear is that if I do scream, I might freeze.  This morning, Eric opened up the front door & there was so much steam with the cold air hitting the warm house air I couldn’t see him!

It is the 10th of March for goodness sakes.  I’m about to let my car idle for 3 weeks and refuse to recycle anymore.  Global warming?  I’ll take some.

(Ok, not really. But I’m very very cold)

The boys are so tired of the snow clothes too.  They still love the snow, sledding and shovelling, but the boots, mitts, snowpants, scarf routine is really wearing thin on them.  I’m sick of looking for lost mittens, finding holes in my gloves and getting the car stuck in the ditch.

Oh, I didn’t tell you about that one did I?

Yes, I got the Red Rocket Van stuck in the ditch.  I had just dropped off my niece at home & drove out of her lane on Sunday morning, after church.  Fortunately, it was a balmy minus 10 on Sunday.  Well, if you ask Neil, I was probably driving too fast.  I’d take the “Fifth” if I was American. (yeah, I watch a lot of Law & Order, sue me)

Anyhow, we left the lane at a (reasonable) speed and immediately started sliding towards the ditch.  I slammed on the ABS brakes, which for some unknown reason, have decided they are on a work-strike until this cold snap is over. Seriously.  You choose NOW to quit working.  Oh yeah, work all summer when there isn’t a smidgen of ice or snow, but the minute I actually need my brake to not lock the feature quits. (I still have brakes, just not the nice ABS-slam as hard as you can on them & stop a mere centimeter beforeyou hit something kind)  In the words of Kia:  what kind of fecking joke is that?

The kids of course, think this is hilarious.  Mommy got stuck in the ditch.  I nearly stopped but it was soooo icy that 1 tire slid in & the other was stuck up on an ice ridge.  So, I did what any good farm wife would do.  I got out the shovel.  I dug out the snow around the tire & attempted the old “drive forward, reverse, forward, reverse” wiggle trying to get unstuck.  That was clearly not working.

So, I sent the children to my SIL’s house to call for help while I continued to dig out the car.  Well, SIL is sick.  Have you ever wondered what “death warmed over” looks like?  That was her.  Fortunately there are no pictures to corroborate that.  (See, Law and Order again, I’m sick)  She should be in bed resting, but instead comes out to see if she can give me a hand.

By this time, I’ve already made all the kids try pushing the car.  yes, the 4, 5 and 8 year old attempted to push out my van.  No, it didn’t work.

We waited for at least an hour okay, five minutes and Neil came with the big 4×4 truck & yanked the van back on the road.  I’ll never live it down, but at least no one was hurt.

Well, my pride is pretty hurt, but since SIL’s husband (Neil’s Brother) managed to ditch the semi truck last night, in the exact same spot, I don’t feel nearly so bad.

Feck.  Where’s spring when you need it?


3 thoughts on “Freezing. Stiff. Brrrrr….

  1. Bummer on the getting stuck. Here in out neck of the woods it was 80 degrees the last 4 days or so, then boom! Now it’s rainy and in the 40’s. I suppose if it’s gonna rain, I’d rather have it colder than warmer….warmer and rain and spring always make me afraid of tornadoes. We just hope the weather becomes a little more consistent before spring break next week.

  2. That totally sucks!!! I’m with fragilemom; it was in the 70s here this week and then today it got down to 20, which probably doesn’t seem all that cold to you (in fact, back in Jan. I would have been happy to have 20 degree weather) but does seem pretty frigid compared to the 70s. But, I am so glad to not have any more snow. I hope we have seen the end of it.

  3. Wow. What a nightmare. One of my biggest fears–being stuck somewhere in my car. One of my biggest hates–cold “fecking” weather.
    But I’m with you on the Law and Order. I watch every one of them.

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