Grow a Little Everyday

Nathan just never ceases to amaze me. (He also never ceases to irritate me either, but that’s another post).

We went back to the play place we were at last weekend.  Neil & I needed a bunch of stuff for our kitchen renovation and the boys wanted to come with.  They were pretty rotten in the first store but I can’t really blame them fully.  We took too long and it was a very interesting, busy place.  A lumber yard is not the place to take inquisitive little boys.

So, we went back to Play Time & guess what Nathan did?


He bought his own juice, no help from Mom.  AND he made a friend.  AND he interacted with several children AND he joined in a game that other kids were playing.

What a big day!  Just when you feel like you’ve hit the end of your rope, nothing is improving as fast as you’d hoped…..well, he pulls out a few “miracles”. 

He reminds me on a constant basis that he needs challenges, chances and patience.  But I am confident, again, that he will be okay as long as we never, ever limit what he is capable of.


3 thoughts on “Grow a Little Everyday

  1. Way to go, Nathan! I agree that it is so important for us parents to be reminded every so often that our kids need challenges and that we shouldn’t limit them. This is great news.

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