Where is Time Flying To?

Stop spinning world. I’m ready to get off now. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve updated. (Okay, okay, a week is not too bad) I guess I am always pretty busy this time of year, with year end, exams and ecetera but still….

We’re back to the “deep freeze” today. I must whine just a little. I had to put wood for the woodstove in the house this morning, which, by the way, is buried under a giant snow pile. As if that isn’t bad enough, I had to walk through a waist deep (and no longer supportive of my weight) snowbank.

Well you guessed, a snowboot full of snow. And guess what I was wearing? A sensible pair of snowpants? Uhhh, no. I had on a short skirt and tights with my bright purple Sorels. So, now, I have frozen fingers, a boot full of snow and a 20 minute drive to work. It took 2 hours for my tights to completely dry. And yes, I was wearing them. And no, I don’t recommend it.

On the bright side, it’s supposed to be -3 on Sunday (that would be slightly below freezing, for those of you not on the Celsius system) Maybe spring is on it’s way?


3 thoughts on “Where is Time Flying To?

  1. Where are you that you are back in a deep freeze? We’re near T.O. and have had spring-like weather today. 7 degrees C, baby!

    Must be n(ice). SW Manitoba

  2. Yikes. I am so done with winter!! Yesterday it got up to 55 degrees C in Illinois and we were in heaven==we actually went to the park! I am hoping spring is on the way, but that probably isn’t too likely.

  3. poor girl! Our crocuses are coming up, and even the tulips are pushing through!
    actually we did have a snow-rain mix the other day, but luckily it came to an end! miss you!

    I’ll tell you what I told your husband earlier in the month. “Bite me”. (Of course, I mean it with love.)

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