Day 3 of No School

Ok, actually, for us, we’ve only missed 1 day, since Nathan has school Tuesday & Thursday this week.  It’s been raining/snowing since Sunday night, quite unusual for February in Manitoba.  Generally, this is a March-type storm.  I managed to get to  work Monday on my own, but it was a sloooooow ride home.  So Neil took us in on Tuesday.  Now, I’m waiting on him to get up & decide what we should do today.

Of course I brought home about a week’s worth of work, so if I can’t get in, so what.  The boys would likely be pretty happy to stay home anyhow.  I know yesterday was perfect snowman weather.  Maybe today will be too. 

Speaking of snowmen, Eric was in big trouble yesterday at daycare.  It seems the sitter’s daughter made a lovely snowman & then Eric knocked it down.  She was “devastated” to use her mother’s words.  Eric says it was in the way & she wouldn’t let him help & she was being bossy.  Well it’s just as likely he was bossy too!  Sometimes they play so nicely together & sometimes not.  What can you do?

I sure hope there is school tomorrow, but I am equally sure that the entire south-west corner of the province feels the exact same way.  Kids are great but kids off their routine?  Not great.  ASD kids off their routine?  Torture.


2 thoughts on “Day 3 of No School

  1. Our kids were out for four days straight. Monday was conferences and Tuesday was a snow day. Matt was a nightmare last night. He didn’t want to do anything we told him to do and when we tried to strong arm him he showed just how much stronger he was than us. Ugh! I hate schedule changes. Good luck getting through it. Hopefully the routine will be back tomorrow.

  2. I feel for you. In small quantities snow days can be great, but my kids get seriously crazy with cabin fever after 2 days or so. And me? I am not much better than the kids!

    No doubt. If we don’t get to the “city” soon, we’ll be smelly (need soap) and thirsty (need milk!)

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