Just Who is the Klutzy One??

Well, here’s another picture of Eric. I am starting to think Nathan is not the least graceful of my children.

He was running along the pavement outside church this morning & I guess his head got going faster than his feet. Poor baby. In one year, this is the third time he’s cut his face open. See here for the last time.

Nathan has been in therapy for years due to poor muscle tone, coordination and poor motor planning. Yet, it is Eric that gives me the most grief with injuries.

I guess “chicks dig scars”. Yeah. Well, mommies still don’t.


3 thoughts on “Just Who is the Klutzy One??

  1. Eric has that rugged, cute look going on! Yes, poor guy! How did you deal with the blood???

    I looked for an email address but couldn’t find one, so I am contacting you through comments. Thanks, Michelle, for your meal planning suggestions! I will try them all, and am especially excited to make Shepherd’s Pie. Thanks so much again!

    You have a great, insightful blog, by the way. What a wonderful resource…

  2. poor baby Eric!
    vivi is very klutzy these days — I think she is growing. The best part is, she blames whoever is closest to her when she gets hurt! So woe to you if you are innocently sitting on the couch when she whacks her head on the wall — “too bad for you!” she yells and runs to her room! 🙂

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