Speech Therapy Meeting

I had the meeting with the speech therapist, therapy assistant and Nathan’s teacher on Friday. It went fairly well & they are really pleased with his progress. He’s in a real “speech burst” right now, interested in more expressive language, so his articulation is getting very poor.

They are going to start sending home sheets of words for us to read to him. His only job is to listen. The SLP thinks he missed learning these sounds when other children typically do, so he needs more exposure to the sound. They call it “auditory bombardment” and it can be done at school with headphones or at home, at least 2x per day. I encouraged them to send it home, we love to do this kind of homework.

Nathan’s favorite “special time” with Mom is in the tub. He relaxes and I read his stories, so I think this would be one very good chance to try the homework.

The other really neat thing I learned is that Nathan is learning to read. Slowly, slowly. He recognizes & can shout out “The” when he sees it. I thought that was pretty good, so I tested him on it at home. He could find “the” on every page of his lesson books. So, there is one sight word mastered. How many more are there??

Overall, I think he is making good progress and we are even discussing him receiving speech lessons everyday in Grade 1 also. So, that would be 20 minutes per day x 5 days a week. I think that would really get him going. The only fear I have is that he gets dismissed from the program too soon. My niece just “graduated” from Speech Therapy, she’s in grade 3. This is very exciting for her mom, but honestly, I think she’s still hard to understand, so I hope that the SLP remembers to monitor her over the next 3 years.


4 thoughts on “Speech Therapy Meeting

  1. How wonderful that he’s making such progress. Sounds like that “auditory bombardment” is a great idea, too. I hope he continues to progress this well!


  2. This is wonderful news!

    Did the SPT create the list specifically for him or is it a general list that is good for all kids, and sounds they need to learn.

    I am one of those moms who is always worried I am not doing everything i can and worry i don;t talk to and read to holly enough and thats why her language is delayed. i would love to see what words are on your list.

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