Guess What Nathan Can Say?

No, sorry, this isn’t one of those funny stories. It’s a mommy-brag post.

Keeping in mind that Nathan really only started talking at 3.5 and speaking in sentences at 4.5, the clarity of his speech leaves a lot to be desired. He struggles with pitch, speed and letter substitution. We’re working on it at school (20 minutes x 3 per week) and at home as much as possible.

No doubt, he has come a looooong way. He’s nearly caught up to his peers in terms of receptive and expressive language but needs to work on his pronunciations.

The newest goal was the hard /C/ sound – he says “tookie”, “took” instead of cookie and cook.

Now, without batting an eye, he can repeat Key, Cook, Cookie, Cake, Car, Can, Cow.

He’s still struggling with it in conversation, but if he slows down, the words come perfectly, without effort, as though he’s always said it that way.

Next week, I’m off to the parent-speech therapist meeting, so I get to find out all the wonderful progress he is making! So, expect another brag next Saturday!

4 thoughts on “Guess What Nathan Can Say?

  1. That is so awesome. As a mom to a boy who has had pretty big speech delays, I know how big of a deal it is when our kids master something like this. Great job, Nathan! And you too (Nathan’s mom!)

  2. I’m so happy to hear how much Nathan is growing. It’s amazing what humans are capable of no matter what obstacles they face. I’m thrilled for you

    Thanks, me too!!

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