If People With Autism & Down Syndrome Ruled the World

And, from what I understand about folks with Fragile X, I think they’d be on board with this list too.

If People With Autism, Down Syndrome & Fragile X Ruled The World

1) Affection, hugging and caring for others would make a
big comeback.

2) People would be refreshingly honest and genuine.

3) People engaged in self-talk would be considered thoughtful and
creative. Self-talk rooms would be reserved in offices and libraries
to encourage this practice.

4) Order and Structure would rule.

5) Schedules and calendars would be followed.

6) Trains & planes would run on time.

7) Lunch would be at 12:00. Dinner would be at 6:00.

8) Work time would be work time.

9) Vacation would be vacation.

10) People would be expected to keep their promises.

11) Last minute changes would be strongly discouraged (if not
considered rude and offensive).

12) Places would be neat, clean, and organized (not just bedrooms,
but cities, countries, but the whole world).

13) Lost and founds would go out of business (even chaotic appearing
rooms have their own sense of order).

14) The “grunge look” would be out, way out.

15) “Prep” (but not pretentious) would be very big.
The words “hurry” and “fast” would be not be uttered in polite
society. “Plenty of time” would take their place.

16) Stopping to smell the roses would not be just a cliché.

17) Work would be revered, no matter what kind, from doing dishes to
rocket science.

18) Speed would be far less important than doing the job right.

19) Work would be everyone’s right, not a privilege.

20) All instruction would include pictures.

21) School and work sites would have picture, written, and verbal
instructions to accommodate different learning styles.

22) Counselors would be able to use visual mediums to help solve

23) Weather would be the only essential news item.

24) News would be more local (“A new McDonalds just opened up,” or “A
dance tonight,” etc.). After all, what is more important than that?

25) Anger would only be allowed in special soundproof rooms.

26) Trained negotiators would be available to everyone to help deal
with any conflicts.

27) The word “non compliant” would not be used (except as a very rude
comment). It would be replaced by “assertive,” as in “he or she is
being assertive today.”

28) Art and music appreciation would be BIG.

29) People would have time to work on paintings and other art

30) Acting and theatrical arts would be encouraged for all.

31) The President’s commission on physical fitness would probably
recommend dancing at least 3 times per week.

32) People would be encouraged to get married several times to have
more weddings for more music and dancing.

33) Richard Simmons and John Travolta would be national heroes.

34) Elvis, The Beatles, and the Beach Boys would still be number 1 on
the hit parade (Music of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s would be BIG)

35) Musicals would be very, very, very, big (such as “Grease,”
and “The Sound of Music”)

36) John Travolta would be the biggest star.

37) Classic TV hits would be very BIG and take up at least half the
TV schedules.

38) “I Love Lucy,” “Happy Days,” “The Three Stooges,” etc. would be
very BIG.

39) Wrestling would be very big.

40) “Life Goes On” would also be very Big and replayed regularly.

41) There would be fewer movies, but they would be replayed over and

42) Movie theaters would allow people to talk out loud to tell what
happens next.

43) People would not hurt the feelings of others and they would also
not lie or keep secrets.

44) Here and now would command a great deal more respect than it
currently does.

More tolerance for…
… Repeating the same phrase or question
…. Use of the terms “fun” and “cleaning” in the same sentence
… Closing doors or cabinets that are left ajar (even in someone
else’s house)
… Arranging things until they are “Just so.”

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3 thoughts on “If People With Autism & Down Syndrome Ruled the World

  1. What a very true list… sounds like the world would be a better place. Having structure and routine can sometimes be difficult, but once you get it down life really is so much easier.

  2. That is soooo true. Also, I would add that there would be a whole lot more tolerance for people who don’t fit the “mold” and many, many more people would be aware of sensory problems. I would love to see all parents be aware of how sensory stimulation affects their children (because, really, it affects us all, I think).

    There’s no doubt! How many people can’t stand a wool sweater? Or find the certain cooking smells nauseating? I try to imagine what it would be like if all clothes were irritating. Not fun.

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