A Day that just won’t END

It is after 8 p.m. I just put the kids to bed. My kitchen is a disaster. My laundry is piled up to a limit that must be approaching unhealthy – clean & dirty. Neil is out for the evening & I just want to be grumpy.

It is beyond cold again, there was no school today & Nathan was pretty upset about it. He just doesn’t understand that when the temperature dips below 45 celsius, it is dangerous to run school buses. So, he was grumpy when I dropped him off at daycare. He was grumpy when I picked him up & he was screaming when I said that there’s no school again tomorrow. (It’s not a Kindergarten day – what do you want me to do about it?) It was only at bedtime that he finally quit being mad at me.

And, my woodstove refuses to stay lit. I swear I have lit it about 20 times and every time I look at it, the flame is out again. Seriously. Does it not understand that I am freezing? That I don’t have the patience to keep doing lighting it? That I either want to scream, cry or eat buckets of chocolate?

Hmmm….maybe I’m PMSing. Maybe it’s a good thing Neil is away, or I’d just be picking a fight with him anyway. That’s the mood I’m in. I want to pick a fight with someone. Why can’t a telemarketer phone me TODAY. At least then I could tell him what I really think of their “new insurance product”. And, on that subject, why do they think I even want more insurance? I am insured out the wazoo. I don’t need to insure my credit card, I need to quit USING it.

Rant over. Swear.

The bright side (of course) is that the kids are in bed. My husband is away. I might (now, finally!!!) have a working fire. I have the remote to myself & the computer. Maybe this day will have a happy ending anyway.


One thought on “A Day that just won’t END

  1. Oh boy, have I had days like this! It sounds like you need a break with lots of treats. I hope it warms up there and you have a better day tomorrow!

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