Sucky Update

We are officially a Sucky-free family.  Eric grudgingly gave up the sucky 2 nights after it “disappeared”.  He was very upset the third night, but only becuase he really wanted to give the sucky to his friend’s new baby brother.  Since I still have them, I told him I thought we could still give Will the sucky.  That calmed him down & off to sleep he went.

Don’t get the idea that Eric has suddenly become easy to put to bed though.  Oh no.  That drama continues, almost nightly for your listening pleasure.  He fights, screams, crys, whines, bargains, and screams some more.  Last night he screamed so long he woke up Nathan, who’d gone to bed early & had been sleeping well for 3 hours.  Coulda killed him, really.  Instead, I watched Desperate Housewives while writing a paper for my course & let Neil deal with it.  We take turns.  It was soooooooooooo his turn.

Did I remember to tell all you closet-sucky lovers, our dentist said it isn’t really a concern until the permanent teeth start coming in.  So, maybe this wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Besides, I have a good dental plan.  Always thinking, I am.

Oh, and for all you lovely southern readers, it was a balmy minus 10 celsisus yesterday (water takes about 1 hour to freeze at that temperature, we walk around without hats).  Today we’re back to the deep freeze & my sister in law is headed (with her husband!) to Mexico.  I’d be jealous, but I’m too cold.


4 thoughts on “Sucky Update

  1. Love and encouragement to Eric (and you)!
    Vivi is still using her soozy at bedtime and although we have had several lovely little chats about how big girls don’t use soozies, nothing has changed. oh, she agrees with me heartily, hands over the soother, and then asks for it back 2 minutes later! Tough love may have to start soon, but I really don’t have the energy…

  2. I have heard that if you just get rid of them, don’t give in and can handel 2-3 days.. then its over with. i’m a fan of the “Lutchka” but Holly seems to be on her own needing it less and less. Of course she has it at bedtime and naps and sometimes in Scarey new places, but she doesn;t have it in all the time when playing anymore. My mom is already nagging me to get rid of it.. I mean give me a break she is only 10 months old. Our dentist said not to give it a second thought until she was two and then we would discuss if it was an issue, but it usually isn’t.

    Isn’t Desperate Housewives such a guilty pleasure!

  3. Awesome news about the sucky. My youngest also resists bedtime like crazy and it is totally getting on my nerves. She is only three, so doesn’t go to school so she can take a nap during the day, but if she wakes up Danny, he is so hard to get up in the morning. It makes me so mad when she won’t quiet down. Tonight she is being frighteningly quiet. I am scared to know what she might be doing in her room, but I am too tired to go check. I’ll take care of it in the morning.

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