I’m Moving!

That’s it. I’m moving. Florida, Mexico, California, South Africa, I don’t care.

It is minus 48 degrees Celsius today. That is so cold that school is cancelled. Apparently, we’ve just had the coldest December on record. No kidding. I think my teeth are permanently chattering.

Do you know, at minus 48 degrees, skin will freeze in under 1 minute? 7-Up will freeze in about 1 hour. Hot gravy can be set outside and have a frozen skin (meaning the grease is all at the top, stuck in the ice!) in about 20 minutes. Oh yes. It is what we refer to as “freaking cold”.

So, I am giving up. I’m moving. Well, not really. But if this cold snap doesn’t end soon, I’m going to be in long underwear for the rest of the year. It’ll take me that long to warm up.


6 thoughts on “I’m Moving!

  1. yikes — come back to lotus land, my friend! I was shivering in my boots today, but (cough) it was um… +6 — but the wind was really cold! Okay, okay, I don’t REMEMBER real cold, and frankly, I don’t want to! Hey, the real estate prices are going down… maybe Neil would like to come and farm Vancouver Island?

    Your post reminded me of the night I shtupidely left about a zillion pop cans in the back of my van — the pop I had just purchased for a fundraiser evening. Imagine my surprise when, the next morning, I found about 12 intact but bulging pop cans, and about 60 more exploded cans, with frozen pop stuck to the roof, the windows, everywhere. Omigolly it was such a mess! And I had to rebuy everything with my own moolah. oops!

    Now there’s a story I hadn’t heard before! If I could convince him, I’d be there in a millisecond. Especially in this ahem weather. You can fill in the ahem

  2. Have you said where you live… I vaguely remember I think you did a tour of your town.. That wa syou right? But i didn;t recall you being somewhere where it gets that cold!

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