Year End Time

Last day of the fiscal year.  Last day to “get it done” & still have a 2008 date.  It should start to get crazy busy here in about ohhhhhh, 1.5 hours.  (We close in 3)

So, this is going to be an on-going post today, since I might not have too many seconds to write in my thoughts. Right now, I need to finish paying the bills.  (Hey, it’s my last day to get it done too!)

Update #1
Here’s another thing I am thinking about today – my Credit Card.  Normally, I wouldn’t think it was a topic fit for blogging.  However, my CC company has reason to believe my card was compromised.

Compromised.  That’s a scary thought.  Apparently there have been no fradulent transactions against the card & I check every day or two anyhow, but………compromised.

So, they’ve kindly issued me a new one, with a new number and a new credit limit.  (Like I needed more credit)  I am hopeful that this solves the problem & I don’t have other issues.  You can bet I’m ordering a free credit report asap though.


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