Busy Busy Boys

Ahhhhh!  There is nothing like being cooped up with two overactive little boys for Christmas.  It’s so incredibly cold here, with very little snow, so there isn’t much excuse or even reason to go outside to play.  At least when there is snow you can go sledding or snowmobiling.  I think the boys have spent a total of 1 hour outside in 4 days.  Not enough for my two.

So, instead, the inside of my house has become their jungle gym, race track and sandbox.  (Well, minus the sand)  The noise level is nearing deafening and they show little sign of letting up anytime soon.  Neil went out to work on the wood pile just to get a break from the noise.  He claims to be looking forward to getting the chainsaw going tomorrow.  You have to wonder what the noise is like, if he thinks a chainsaw is going to be a “break”.

As for me, I’ve been battling a mold problem in the house today.  How lovely.  I didn’t even know we had a mold problem, until my husband mentions it on Christmas morning.  Oh yes.  It is growing in the corner of our bedroom & he’s been suffering from allergies since August.  You would think he might have said something before, but it was only on Christmas day that it occured to him to check the corner.  And yes, it was growing.  Two inches up the wall & 4 inches on either corner, in the basebord, carpet and wall.

So, it’s me, the bleach and rubber gloves.  Then, I went to the basement to look for more, and surprise! There’s 2 more spots, one larger than the bedroom, one smaller, growing downstairs.  I have to tell you, I am pretty upset about it all.  I’m not the world’s greatest housekeeper, but I thought I was better than that.  The fact that we have mold doesn’t bother me nearly as much as that I didn’t know  we had mold.

We’re off to the in-laws for another lovely supper tonight.  I’m not sure how much more food I can possibly eat, but hey, I can always make a New Year’s Resolution to not do that again, next year.


3 thoughts on “Busy Busy Boys

  1. Did you find out what caused your problem… Often it is from a leak or some type of mousture, and it can grow really fast like 1-2 feet in a few days, so you may not have really had it that long. Sorry you have to deal with it, what a drag. Hope you find something fun for the boys to do to give you a break for a bit. Happy Holidays

  2. Yeah mold is usually not a house cleaning issue. I’m thinking leak or moisture too.

    I’m dealing with overzealous kids too. Besides chores and video games I don’t know what else to do to keep them busy. Oh I did go to Blockbuster and rented like 8 movies on Wednesday (it rent 1 get 1 free day w/ a receipt!!) so that has entertained them a little bit. One more week to go!!

  3. Thanks ladies. Unfortunately, our house wasn’t properly sealed when it was built 40 years ago, so mold in the corners is going to be my “life” I guess. We’ve never had any trouble with it before, so my husband never mentioned to look for it. (This is the house he grew up in)

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