Christmas Fun Continues

We had a pretty great Christmas day.  The boys had plenty of presents to open but not so many that Nathan was overwhelmed.  That’s a big change from all his other Christmases.  I guess his parents are finally starting to learn his limits.  We were short Neil’s sister’s family for Christmas this year as they are headed off on a winter holiday this morning.  It was the only way to get  a direct flight to their destination, so I can’t blame them for wanting to leave on Boxing Day.  Too bad though, it is the first time in 36 years Neil’s mom hasn’t been with her daughter for Christmas.

The other sad part was that it is our first Christmas without Neil’s Grandpa.  Grandma was able to join us & I hope that the day was busy enough that it helped fill the empty space he’s left.  When we had supper, we all gathered to say the blessing and ………..nothing!  No one said anything.  I was waiting on Grandma, if she wanted to speak, but she didn’t, so I got to do it.

Good thing I had taken some time to consider what I wanted to say if the opportunity arose, because I still think I pray lousy out loud.  I get lost in my thoughts & last night was no exception, but I think it turned out okay.  I knew that I had to talk about Neil’s sister and Grandpa and how much we missed them all.  I must have done okay, because both Neil’s mom and Grandma were in happy tears after & I got big big hugs.  Well, I wasn’t looking for that, but I did want them to know everyone remembered what we were missing.

The boys are busy playing farm with their new air seeders (from Nana & Papa) and grain bins (from Mom & Dad) and all the other trucks, tractors and combines that make up their play.  Two amazing things come to mind:

1.  They are playing cooperatively which they couldn’t do last Christmas

2.  Nathan is talking in full, complete, imaginative sentances, which he couldn’t do last Christmas

What a difference a little space of time makes. Here’s hoping you have  a Christmas surprise or two still left at your house today.


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